Welcome to the 5th Annual NAASN Conference and the 1st Surrey Anarchist Bookfair! JANUARY 16-18, 2014 @ Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Three days: Panel presentations, discussions, workshops, art, music, medicine & poetry, to feed your mind and body and push the struggle forward!

Conference Package

Conference Package

FRIDAY FORUM: Indigenous Food Sovereignty

11:30am, Friday, January 17th— INDIGENOUS FOOD SOVEREIGNTY:
Welcome -- Opening address --9am.
(This stream runs parallel to NAASN5;
Main narrative pieces @ 11:30 (detailed descriptions below)
then after lunch, will have organic breakout sessions...
currently under construction, email list: landislife @ naasn2014.org in co-operation with members of the Kwantlen Institute for Sustainable Food Systems.

Surrey Anarchist Bookfair - JAN 18 - WORKSHOPS

The Surrey Anarchist Bookfair will be held in the Conference Centre (Room A,CEDAR Bldg) @ Kwantlen Polytechnic University on Saturday, January 18th.
Here's the full details of WORKSHOPS (below).... Featuring, NAASN presenters & other folks speaking on matters practical AND radical.
Also, there will be lots of books & info tables, also including 'zines and free literature, patches and artwork, music and much more... See the list of tablers here.

Surrey Anarchist Bookfair - TABLES

with INFO TABLES by:

• Ancestral Pride: http://ancestralpride.ca (Healing Medicines, information, and more)

• BC Blackout & Inner Island Distro: http://bcblackout.wordpress.com/

• Black Banner Distro: http://blackbannerdistro.wordpress.com/

• Critical Criminology Working Group (your EVENT HOSTS): http://radicalcriminology.org
(also with the new issues of the journal, Radical Criminology: http://journal.radicalcriminology.org
& books from http://JeffShantz.ca & 'zines from http://PunchingOutPress.org )

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